The Role of Land Management in Mitigating Catchment Flood Risk

Dr. Ian Pattison
Loughborough University

Co-PIs & Co-Is

Dr. Matthew Frost, Loughborough University
Dr. Emrah Demirci, Loughborough University

Aims & Objectives

Using a mix of field and laboratory based experiments this project will :

  • Identify areas of high and low compaction in agricultural fields using novel Ground Penetrating Radar techniques, and validating these maps with traditional methods.
  • Link areas of heavy loading from animal GPS trackers to areas of compaction.
  • Assess the impacts of compaction on a range of physical soil properties e.g. porosity, hydraulic conductivity.
  • Upscale localised impacts to the catchment scale using a physically based hydrological model.


Ian is a Lecturer in Water Engineering at Loughborough University, whose research interests extend to catchment hydrology, natural flood management, flooding, channel hydraulics, sediment transport, aquatic ecology and stakeholder engagement. You can find out more about IanĀ here.