Related Programmes

Apart from the SARISA programme, the Soil Security Programme interacts with 3 other  major research programmes to ensure that the soil community can respond to future opportunities.


The Sustainable Agriculture Research and Innovation Club (SARIC) is a £10m initiative to support research and research translation projects over a five year period from 2014.


The Sustainable Intensification Platform is a multi-organisation research programme, established and funded by Defra to collectively explore the opportunities and risks for sustainable intensification, from a range of perspectives and at a range of scales across England and Wales. At the heart of the SIP is a community spanning farmers, industry experts, academia, environmental organisations, policymakers and other stakeholders.  You can find out more information here.


As well as leaving a legacy of scientific discovery, the SSP intends to instill a new culture among early career researchers so they can develop fresh and adaptable attitudes to the future study of soil.  In particular the programme will work closely with the NERC and BBSRC Soils Training and Research Studentships (STARS) Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT). 

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