Soil Security Programme Outcomes Event

The outcomes event on the 5th Dec 2019 at the Royal Society in London showcased the outputs of the Soil Security Programme: providing understanding on how soils respond, recover and adapt to land use and climate change.

You can downlaod all the key documents summarising our findings and watch the contributors below present their work and answer questions: showing how research evidence produced  practical applications and policy impact.

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Conference Pack

View/download the conference pack from the Outcomes event

SSP Synthesis Articles

Programme level summaries on Land management; Peatland protection and Rhizosphere research

Popular Science Summaries

Summaries of objectives and findings from the SSP projects

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Prof. Chris Collins

Welcome and introductions to the event

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Simon Cowell

FCCT/IfA Soil Farmer of the Year focusses on the health and biology of the soil

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Prof. Dieter Helm

An economic and policy perspective on soil management.

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Prof. Diana Wall

Bridging soil bio-diversity with global policy

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Prof. Paul Hallett

Soil and plant interactions

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Dr. Nicholle Bell

Peatland degradation and restoration

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Prof. Jonathan Leake

Sustainable soil management

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Panel discussion and questions

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Wiehao Zhong & Vicky Hird

Reflections, Achievements & Next Steps

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Prof. Chris Collins

Concluding remarks

Synthesis articles

Land Management

Reducing disruption is the key to healing degraded soils that are facing the impact of climate change

Peatland protection

Preserving Britain's biggest carbon store: to meet climate commitments, the UK must protect its peatlands

Rhizosphere research

How an improved understanding of the rhizosphere contributes to sustainable agriculture

Popular Science Summaries

Bayesian Belief Networks

Measuring soil quality & health using mathematical models

Prof. Andy Whitmore

Controls on Stability of Soils

Unravelling how food webs respond to drought

Prof. Richard Bardgett

Responding to Extreme Rainfall

Flooding the soil to understand climate feedbacks

Prof. Gary Bending

Modelling Fungal Communities

Decoding how fungi affect soil resistance

Prof. Wilfred Otten

Supporting Mycorrhiza

Managing crops to support favourable fungi

Prof. Jonathan Leake

Peatland response to drought

Warming up towards a better understanding of peatland resilience to climate extremes

Prof. Gary Bending

Rhizosphere by design

Rooting out sustainable soils and food production

Prof. Paul Hallett

Roots of decline

Profiling soil communities at the root of yield decline

Prof. Gary Bending

Sustainable salad

Warming up towards a better understanding of peatland resilience to climate extremes

Prof. Davey Jones

InSar: Peatland monitoring

Using satellite radar to monitor peatland soil health

Dr. David Large

Impact of leys on soil health

Trialling legume leys to boost soil biodiversity and flood resilience

Prof. Jonathan Leake

U-Grass: land management & soil health

Surveying for practical indicators of soil health

Dr. Rob Griffiths